July 2021

Hi Little Bodies Families,

Just a warning... this update should be read with a coffee, wine or whatever tickles your fancy as it's a long one! Read on to get an update on all things from our new space, intensives and the upcoming parent night!

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Our new home!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all the love and support we have received since opening the new clinic space. We wouldn’t be here without each and everyone of your support and are so excited at the endless possibilities that come with having our very own space and what goals we can help your children achieve!

If you haven’t been to a session yet, check out some photos below of what we have to play with so far and stay tuned as we still have more equipment still arriving from all over the world!

Clinic Parking

Just a reminder the Little Bodies Therapy allocated parking bays at the front of the premise are numbered car bays 2 and 44. These are in addition to the visitor and ACROD bays if you have a permit. As our allocated bays are signed, we kindly ask if these are taken to park in the visitor or ACROD bays rather than parking in another companies space. 


Located in the kitchen, there is a whiteboard with a parent wishlist. We would greatly appreciate any great ideas or feedback of what we are missing or what you would love to see added to the clinic.


Check out these superstars!

Not only did we move in over the holidays, we also held our July school holiday intensive block. Thank you to everyone who joined us over the very wet and rainy period.  

A huge thank you to all the siblings who were fantastic helpers, played so well and always helped to clean up before they left. 
Check out some superstars in their action shots below to see some of the amazing achievements during the July school holiday intensive block. 

October School Holiday Intensive - Expressions of Interest

We are able to offer the following intensive options for the October School Holidays:  

  • Physiotherapy or CME intensive hour/s: Monday - Friday

If you are interested in either a physiotherapy or CME intensive, please email sayhi@littlebodiestherapy.com.au with the following information:

  • Child's name:
  • Preferred intensive time:
  • Intensive frequency or duration (e.g. 4 or 5 sessions weekly over 2 weeks etc):

During this time, we will be prioritising intensive therapy. Once the intensive caseload has been finalised, our therapists will be in contact to book regular appointments around these.  

While we will try our best to accommodate all requests, please understand that not all requests for intensive appointments may be able to be filled and it will be prioritised upon a first come, first served basis.

As we have now transitioned to the clinic, both Ash and Kelly have allocated intensive therapy times which will be available on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, school holiday intensive blocks will be biased towards school age children first. If completing an intensive therapy block at an alternate time to the school holidays is something that interests you for your child, please reach out  to the team regarding these intensive times and availability.


Come join us for our very first parent night!

Date: Friday the 13th of August
Time: 6:15pm arrival for a 6.30pm start

The evening will involve a 45-minute yoga flow and meditation session run by Kirstin Rose. After which a 45-minute sound healing will be performed by Jade from Heart Journey. During a sound healing session, beautiful crystal singing bowls create resonance, releasing stored emotions increasing ones energy and aiming to improve mood and physical health. Please feel free to stay afterwards to enjoy drinks, nibbles, catch up with friends and meet new families. 
The evening is a networking event and it is open to Little Bodies families and your friends, so if you know a Mum, Dad or carer who would enjoy and benefit from the evening please feel free to RSVP and bring them along. They don’t have to utilise Little Bodies services. 
For more information and to RSVP, click here.

Remember to bring your yoga mat and a blanket if you wish for the sound healing component of the evening.

Staff Movements and Team Development

The Little Bodies physiotherapists are completing CME training this month with Simona DeMarchi, CME Level IV Certified Practitioner. We are extremely motivated to keep our staff up to date in best practice, whilst keeping true to the CME principles as originally taught by Ramon Cuevas. We also can’t wait for Kelly to complete her CME Level I certification! 
Due to Ash & Kate's travel plans to engage in face-to-face learning last year being cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, they are super excited to be participating in the first virtual CME Level II course ever. The difficulty of the exercises in Level II make it a challenging course to run online. Therefore  Ramon and his CME Teaching team have taken their time in ensuring practitioners are ready to transition from Level I to Level II, with client safety remaining a priority. Whilst Kate and Ash would love an excuse to travel to Canada or Chilé, they feel very privileged to be able to continue their learning in this virtual format. 
As this training is being run from Toronto, all the girls will be completing the training in the Toronto time zone, so overnight! Therefore, for the week they will be completing this course, they will be on study leave. If you wish to continue your regular therapy sessions during this week, we will aim to accomodate your appointments with an alternate therapist. The dates that each therapist shall be completing their course are below.

CME Level I 
Kelly – August 9th to 13th
CME Level II
Ash & Kate – 23rd to 27th of August. 


Little Clapping Hands Paediatric Occupational Therapy

We are super excited to be having the wonderful Amanda Cauchi (Director / Senior Occupational Therapist) from Little Clapping Hands be joining our clinic on a Wednesday. Amanda is a qualified Occupational Therapist with over 11 years experience working in both public health and private practice across Australia.

Amanda has spent the last 11 years partnering with families of infants and children with complex neurological impairment to improve their lives. Amanda has worked as a senior clinician in several major health networks across Australia including the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS) at Monash Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, the Centenary Hospital for Women, Canberra Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital. 

Amanda is highly trained and skilled in providing assessment and early intervention to children with unilateral hemiplegia and specialised upper limb therapy services. Amanda’s expertise includes working with neurological conditions including cerebral palsy and acquired brain injuries, genetic conditions, global developmental delay, fine motor skill delay. Amanda is trained at delivering bi-manual therapy, modified constraint induced movement therapy, and other goal directed therapy. 


To read more about Amanda’s services, check out Little Clapping Hands Paediatric Occupational Therapy here. 

If you are interested in your child receiving Occupational Therapy with Amanda, please feel free to chat to the Little Bodies Therapy Team or send us an email.

What's on for Little Bodies in the community?

We all LOVE anything sports. With the Olympics going on, it seemed fitting to recommend some sporting programs that are inclusive and fun!

Manning Tennis Club have commenced wheelchair / adaptive tennis on a Tuesday afternoon at 4pm.
If you are interested in more information or participating in the program, please contact Dwayne Augustin on 0422793941. 

Please see below Rebound’s Whiz Kidz Term 3 Program below which is now offered north and south of the river.