Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME)

Cuevas MEDEK Exercises (CME) therapy is a psychomotor form of therapeutic intervention for infants and children who are experiencing delayed gross motor development.

CME was created by Ramon Cuevas who is a Kinesiologist and Physical Therapist in Santiago, Chile. CME was originated in 1972 and Ramon has spent the past 48 years applying, evolving and teaching his technique, supporting families and therapists around the world. To learn more about the creation of CME, please visit the CME International Center website at

Genetic and environmental factors interact to assist in the development of movement. CME focuses on the brain and promoting natural recovery potential. CME practitioners apply specific exercises to provoke the appearance of absent, automatic movement patterns to stimulate brain development. Therefore, the use of CME techniques reinforces natural recovery through activating the child’s genetic code.

CME therapy aims to develop anti-gravity extension control by handling the child at the most distal point of contact. The use of distal support exposes the child’s body to gravity and therefore, allows the brain’s automatic postural responses to be provoked. This in return helps create motor pathways that the child may not have previously been able to control or have been exposed to in other therapies or daily life.

An initial assessment is required to determine the suitability of your child for CME therapy. The initial assessment also guides regular therapy sessions. A trial period is required to demonstrate the short-term results of CME therapy. If short-term goals are not achieved in this 8-week trial period, CME will not be continued for your child and alternate forms of physiotherapy will be encouraged.

All of the Little Bodies Physiotherapists are CME Therapy Certified Practitioners.

Both Kate and Ash are CME Level II Certified Practitioners and completed Level II training through the CME Continuing Education Program. Kate completed CME I Certification with Ramon Cuevas, creator of CME therapy, while Ash completed CME I Certification with Simona DeMarchi, CME IV Certified Practitioner. 

Kelly is a CME I Certified Practitioner trained by Simona DeMarchi, CME IV Certified Practitioner.