Ashleigh Germain

Ash is a passionate, experienced therapist who enjoys helping children with varying diagnoses achieve their life goals in a fun manner.


Ash is a passionate and experienced therapist who enjoys helping children with varying diagnoses achieve their life goals in a fun manner. Ash completed her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy with Honours) at Curtin University, Western Australia as well as completing her Masters is Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy through Monash University. Ash is an APA Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist.

Ash has gained exceptional observational and clinical reasoning skills through her various experiences working in both private and not-for-profit sectors. In particular, Ash has worked in centres providing intensive therapy services to children Australia wide. Ash is able to provide a thorough assessment and develop meaningful therapy goals for clients targeting the child and family’s life goals. Using clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice she is able to outline and help execute the path to achieve these goals. Ash enjoys and has extensive experience in equipment prescription.

Outside of work, Ash enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her friends and family, and entertaining her very energetic puppy dog, Chase.

Career achievements:

  • Ash is a published author in Paediatric Physical Therapy. Her honours research explored the effects of an adaptive bungee trampoline for children with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Ash has presented her honours research findings at national conferences in Australia and overseas in New Zealand.
  • Ash is currently studying her Master of Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice.
  • Ash enjoys attending courses to further develop her professional development. Ash travelled to Toronto, Canada to receive her Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) Level I certification through the Cuevas Medek Exercises Continuing Education Program with Simona DeMarchi, CME IV Certified Practitioner. More recently, Ash has completed her Level II CME Therapy Certification. 
  • Ash continues to be passionate about providing early intervention services for children. In particular, Ash has interest in neurological conditions and gross motor developmental difficulties, as well as improving participation in the community such as promoting sport involvement for children with disabilities.