Mentoring and Supervision

Our senior therapists have a passion for teaching therapists, parents and carers how to get the most out of their sessions in order to get the best outcomes for all children.


Mentoring and supervision for parents and carers can be completed during therapy sessions or virtually using video-conferencing. In these sessions we can help coach you how to promote your child's participation in every day activities.



Are you currently working in paediatrics and wondering how to progress your skills? Or are you interested in working in paediatrics and feel like you need a little bit of guidance to get your foot in the door?

Our experienced therapists can help build your knowledge and confidence through various styles of clinical supervision. This may include tutorial based learning, video-conferencing sessions, session shadowing, or case-study discussions. 

Please reach out to the Little Bodies Team to discuss which may be the best option to facilitate your transition or growth in the world of paediatrics.