Intensive Therapy

Intensive therapy provides a high dose of therapy in a small amount of time in order to help your child get to that next pivotal step of their development. Intensives are tailored to your child's goals and physical abilities, with individualised requirements including the number of sessions per day and therapeutic interventions utilised. 


Little Bodies Therapy offers intensive blocks during the school holidays, as well as throughout the year. An intensive therapy block involves daily therapy over a 2 week period. Children can complete from 1 hour to 4 hours a day, across a variety of disciplines. The amount that your child completes is dependent on their physical ability, medical stability and goals to be targeted. This is can be discussed upon initial assessment of your child with a member of the Little Bodies Therapy Team.



Intensive blocks for the upcoming year are listed below.
If you are interested in your child completing intensive therapy in one of these blocks, please register via the links below. 



Summer Holidays

Tuesday 4th January - Friday 14th January (9 days)
Monday 17th January - Friday 28th January (9 days)


Term 1

31st January - 11th February
14th February - 25th February
28th February - 10th March
14th March - 25th March
28th March - 8th April


Register for Term 1, 2022 Intensive Therapy Block


Easter Holidays

11th April - 22nd April (8 days)


Register for Easter School Holidays, 2022 Intensive Therapy Block


Term 2

Tuesday 26th April - 6th May (9 days)
9th May - 20th May
23rd May - 3rd June
6th June - 16th June (9 days)
20th June - 1st July


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Winter Holidays

4th July - 15th July


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Term 3

18th July - 29th July
1st August - 12th August
15th August - 26th August
29th August - 9th September
12th September - 23rd September


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October Holidays

26th September - 7th October (9 days)


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Term 4

10th October - 21st October
24th October - 4th November
7th November - 18th November
21st November - 2nd December
5th December - 16th December
19th December - 23rd December (5 day mini-intensive)


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